Best Surf Schools in Thailand

Learn How To Surf In Thailand With Thailand’s Best Surf Schools

Surfing in Thailand? Really?!? Yep, believe it or not, you can catch some pretty fun waves in Thailand. However, not all beaches offer equal wave quality, especially if you are a seasoned surfer. You need to know where to surf in Thailand, and when is the best time to surf in those areas. So if you want to learn how to surf in Thailand, make sure to find out which are the best surf schools in Thailand:

1. Talay Surf

Located on Phuket, Talay Surf offers surf lessons and surf packages with accommodation within walking distance to the beach. Perfect for beginners, the idyllic waves of Bang Tao & Surin beaches will have you up and shredding in no time!

Locations: Bangtao & Surin Beach, Phuket

Prices Starting From:  900thb

Open Since: 2010

Language: Thai & English

See their surf lesson packages here.

Learn To Surf Thailand At A Surf School - Surf Training Program - Ripple Surf thailand

2. Pakarang Surf School

The original surf school in Khao Lak, Pakarang Surf School gives surf lessons from beginner to advanced. Located next to Memories Beach Bar, the surf school’s instructors speak German, English & Thai. 

Locations: Pakarang Beach, Khao Lak

Prices Starting From:  900thb

Open Since: 2005

Language: Thai & English


3. Moker Sea Light

This wonderful surf school is run by the Moken people and what makes this school unique is they work as a community. All of the money earned from the surf school is shared to support their community. The Moken are natural water people, and they bring their love of the ocean to each and every one of their surf lessons.

Locations: Koh Payam

Prices Starting From:  900thb

Open Since: 2020

Language: Thai & English & Moken


4. Jimmy Kata Surf School

A staple on Kata Beach for over 20 years, Jimmy Kata Surf School teaches students to surf confidently & correctly using international standard courses. All surfing courses are taught as private lessons to optimize skills.

Locations: Kata Beach, Phuket

Prices Starting From:  900thb

Open Since: 2002

Language: Thai & English

5. Ohm Surf School

Ohm is a passionate surfer and is a local to Naithon beach. With a love of all things ocean, Khun Ohm and his team provide exceptional lessons and a great surfing experience.

Locations: Naithon Beach, Phuket

Prices Starting From:  900thb

Open Since: 2015

Language: Thai & English


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