Best Beaches For Beginners to Learn To Surf in Thailand

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want to learn how to surf in thailand – here are the best beaches for beginners

Thailand is arguably the world’s best place to learn how to surf. Check out which are the top 5 best beaches for beginner

Thailand has it all – stunning beaches, gentle waves and warm, tropical water. For those looking to hop on a board, it’s a great destination to learn how to surf or take a family surf holiday. Here’s our recommendations for the Top 5 Beaches in Thailand where you can learn how to surf, plus surf schools available there. If you already know how to surf and want to know where the best places to surf in Thailand are, check out this blog.

So let’s jump in and see which are the top 4 best beaches for beginners to learn to surf when in Thailand:

1. Bangtao / Surin Beach, Phuket

Bangtao is a bar protected from the monsoon weather, it’s sandy & shallow with no rocks providing the perfect learning to surf experience. Bangtao churns out small, gentle waves for beginner surfers. In contrast, Surin is better for experienced surfers in search of barrel waves and heavy wave action. Surin’s best surf spots are near the rocky headlands at each end of the beach. 

When: May – November

Surf Schools & Surfboard Rentals: 

  1. Talay Surf School & Surf Camp Phuket

  2. Phuket Water Sports Club 

2. Khao Takiab Beach, Hua Hin

Perfect small waves for your first experience and this location is unique as it’s close to Bangkok, and gets waves in the cooler months. Khao Takiab Beach produces fun swells perfect for the beginner surfer, but be careful of the onshore winds that might make it a bit difficult to paddle! 

When: November – January

Surf Schools & Surfboard Rentals: 

  1. Weekend surf club 

  2. KBA Surf School Hua Hin

  3. Pineapple Surf Club

  4. Surf Spot Hua Hin

3. Mae Ramphueng Beach, Rayong

Mae Ramphueng Beach in Rayong is an exposed beach break that is long and shallow and produces gentle waves. Expect to find consistent, clean waves here that are at their best in February.

When: June – September

Surf Schools & Surfboard Rentals: 

  1. Laem Yah Rayong Surf Club

4. Pakarang, Khao Lak


This area draws more consistent swell then other areas in Thailand and being a long shallow beach, the gentle waves are perfect for learning the technique of surfing. Surfing lessons and surfboard rentals are easy to find here, and experienced surfers will enjoy the reef break. 

When: May – November

Surf Schools & Surfboard Rentals: 

  1. Salt Surf Club

  2. Pakarang Surf School

  3. Better Surf Thailand

5. Kata Beach, Phuket

Kata Beach is the surfing mecca of Phuket. The surfing action takes place at the southern end of the beach where waves can reach the height of 2 meters. Kata Beach is perfect for beginners, intermediate and advanced surfers as the beach serves up some gnarly breaks.

When: May – November

Surf Schools & Surfboard Rentals:

  1. Phuket Surfing – Kata Beach

  2. Kata Surf School

  3. Phuket Surf .Com

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