Ullerboy Caps & Hats

Protect yourself from the harsh UV rays of Phuket and Thailand, or just to show off your unique fashion style. Each purchase of your Ullerboy Caps & Hats goes towards funding small local Thai orphanages in southern Thailand.

Choose Your T-Shirt Design & Help Thai Kids Without A Family

Just a few of the many designs, colors and sizes to choose from online to help a kid without a family. Created and designed by Mark Ullrich, Ullerboy T-Shirts are a series of one-of-a-kind T-Shirts curated for the purpose of giving back to the local community. Funds from each purchase of an Ullerboy T-Shirt go towards funding Thai orphanages in southern Thailand.

Originally from Oregon, Mark Ullrich is a dreamer, a surfer and a traveller. Given the nickname Ullerboy by a childhood friend who has since passed away, the self-proclaimed beach bum, avid musician and traveller lives his life to the fullest and wanted to give back to the local community. With a little encouragement from his friends, the Ullerboy T-Shirt project was born.

Ullerboy’s Story

“I think that anyone that can make another person smile, think and help people is an artist. We are all artists if we try to make the world around us even a little better.” – Mark Ullrich

Mark Ullrich, creator of Ullerboy T-Shirts, is originally from a small town in Oregon in the United States. He retired in Thailand from being a painter of Golden Gate Bridge. After years of enjoying a chilled retirement on the white sandy beaches of Phuket, drinking Mai Tais and surfing the Andaman Sea, he changed his path to fulfill his urge to leave a trace on earth to make it a better place for kids. He woke up one day with the thought that living his life in happiness was fantastic but he was longing for something more. He wanted a bigger life purpose, and he wanted to help others.

And so Ullerboy was founded, with one aim and mission in mind. To help Thai kids without families have more opportunities in life, whether that’s food, clothing, books, medication or the simplest, but most impactful, thing in a kid’s life – joy & happiness. When Mark came to tell us about what he wanted to do with T-Shirts, we were all so stoked and wanted to be a part of this mission. Mark’s biggest inspiration is his stepdaughter, Alexis, who has Down’s Syndrome. Alexis has taught him more about appreciation, love and patience than any other person in his life. After all, the best way to spread love everyday is through appreciation.

Mark became a surfer when he first moved to Thailand, and now he has a hobby, lifestyle and a community that is in tune with the life he wants. Surfing, art and helping kids are a wonderful three piece band, and for Mark, have become integral in his life. He’s very grateful, appreciative and enjoying life more than ever. Ullerboy is proof that every day life gets better and better.